Delicious Daily Nourishment

Fuelling Excellence with Delicious Daily Nourishment

We make every effort to ensure the well-being of our little ones. Our dedicated catering services makes sure each and every child is well-nourished and receives the necessary nutrients to stay focused, happy and engaged at school. 

Children who attend half days are provided with a tasty, nutritious snack during morning sessions. Upon entering their second year, they begin full days when they enjoy lunch in addition to a snack in the morning and afternoon. Well-seasoned, age-appropriate lunches are prepared on-site in our excellent, fully-equipped kitchen and consist of a delicious three-course meal, including a nutritionally balanced main and pudding. 

Our school menu caters to all allergies and food restrictions. However, we kindly ask parents to disclose any requirements – including dietary, medical and other considerations – during the admissions process.

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