The Ideal Educational Setting for Your Child

At Wetherby Pembridge Minors, children enjoy outstanding facilities that empower them to excel in all areas of our early years curriculum. Our exceptional learning spaces were designed by a leading architectural firm to stimulate children’s thinking and maximise development. With access to premium outdoor areas, including green spaces such as Holland Park Ecology Centre, each child benefits from extended physical activity, outside play and learning, and immersion in nature. By providing our little ones with these exceptional learning environments, we allow them to discover and cultivate their unique skills and establish a firm foundation for excellence in school and beyond.

Purpose-Built Indoor Facilities

Children at Wetherby Pembridge Minors enjoy premium indoor facilities that provide all the tools and resources necessary for fostering their distinct talents and helping them reach their full potential.

Purpose-Built Classrooms

Our Classrooms

Our nursery classrooms are carefully crafted to promote children’s development across all areas of learning. Cutting-edge technology is employed in appropriate, controlled amounts and in practical ways, to promote exploration and communication with others. 

School Hall

Our School Hall

Our spacious multi-purpose school hall is equipped to accommodate a wide variety of stimulating learning pursuits. The ample space offered by the school hall makes it ideal for weekly specialist lessons, concerts, physical activities and school gatherings. 

Healthy Eating

Our Kitchen

At Wetherby Pembridge Minors, we care deeply about children’s holistic well-being. Our nursery benefits from its own on-site kitchen and an experienced and dedicated catering team, who prepare delicious and nutritionally balanced three-course meals every day. All meals and snacks are prepared from scratch using whole foods, sourced from the most reputable providers, promoting positive eating habits for life.

Outdoor Facilities

Exceptional On-Site and Off-Site Outdoor Facilities

Children at our nursery access premium outdoor facilities, on-site and off-site, that support thrilling activities and foster development in key areas. Our beautiful on-site courtyard allows pupils to spend ample time in nature every day. All children visit Wetherby School twice a week to play in a self-contained playground, equipped with slides and a climbing wall, maximising gross motor skills development. 

Learners enjoy weekly excursions to Holland Park Ecology Centre, a safe, well-resourced learning facility, in their second year. Experienced Forest School educators guide children through exciting nature-based activities, carefully designed to cultivate confidence, independence and communication skills, in full-morning sessions amid flora and fauna.

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